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Led by Sam Adkins and Amon Johnson, we are a social investment platform where users can share and interact in a way that is community focused.

Our Story

We believe that no one trader is the same. While the web is filled with countless stock market websites all trying to find their niche – StockPods aims to cover all without the mess. StockPods is a complete social investment platform available to everyone. It is the culmination of several years of careful thinking, research, design, and development. Use the information obtained on our platform to make informed decisions and bold trading actions and interactions. Our mission is simple – provide an easy, fun, and efficient platform to connect with stock traders from around the world.

Early Growth

After getting a better understanding of the static offerings of existing websites, we shifted our focus to include a social experience to our platform. We targeted our investments to power the development of new tools and ideas, and to recruit eager testers who are just as passionate about the mission as we are.

StockPods Mobile

Mobile Device Detected

Stockpods mobile app is on the way. Bringing the functionality of to your fingertips.

For now, please enjoy our offering on a desktop or laptop.

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Kirkland, WA USA